Charleston, South Carolina

Clark +Menefee architects, 1992.

Clark + Menefee architects in association with Eskew Filson Architects won a national design competition for the aquarium in 1986. Situated along the Cooper River waterfront just north of Charleston’s historic district, the concrete structure houses aquatic displays native to the state.  Two circulation zones bracket the main exhibition space, one to the south a promenade and porch, the other to the north, circulation and stairs.

The building was intended as an analogy for the habitats of South Carolina. Two butterfly roofed open air aviary cubes anchor east and west ends representing the costal and upland habitats respectively.

As design architects, Clark + Menefee were responsible for the overall composition of the building including documentation of the exterior and public, non-exhibit areas. As a project architect I was responsible for the documentation and detailing of all exterior canopies as well as guardrail and porch systems. Work included coordinating communications with the architects of record, material, code, and specification research.