I have worked with Jim for over 20 years on a variety of projects both commercial and residential. Jim shows an extreme attention to detail as well as a real care about how the space is used and how it feels. He works hard to economize my budget and the space that is being added/reworked knowing that it’s not the amount of space but how it’s used and how it feels. Jim goes above and beyond to deliver the best solution and will rework a problem until he feels that he has nailed it.

Because this form will only allow me to enter one date I will say that I’ve worked with Jim on projects the following years: 1994, 1996, 1999, 2004, 2010, 2014. I continually go back to work with Jim because his solutions are always elegant and simple, solution-oriented, thoughtful, and not splashy.

Jim is honest and has the highest integrity to completing the project on time and in budget. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

With our idea of a small rectangle as a secondary “bunkhouse”, Jim’s input and fresh set of eyes from day one proved immensely helpful. He discovered a new and better site for us. Using his trusty compass, we positioned our building appropriately for incredible solar benefit. Glass doors with an extended shed roof “overhang” have been the key to comfort and minimal (and I mean minimal) electric bills. His suggestion to increase wall thickness for added insulation, certainly was cost effective. To get everything one needs in that small of a space is difficult, but was accomplished by Jim’s determined thinking.
Any changes or miscommunications, were quickly and genuinely responded to. In the end, we got what we aimed for and still maintained a strong friendship. Above all, his honesty and directness were much appreciated throughout the project.

We were the first family to move into Jim’s Poplar Terrace project. We had another contract on different house but once we saw Poplar Terrace, it was sheer love at first sight. The house was 90% completed when we bought it. It needed some modifications and Jim was creative and responsive in addressing our needs. Poplar Terrace was truly a magnificent development. The house was extraordinary in every way – simple yet luxurious, different yet it blended into the environment and neighborhood. Very detailed but not at all “fussy”. The two words that come to mind when I think of the house itself are “thoughtful and elegant”. We loved our years there and would never have left except that we wanted to downsize. Jim proved to be very accessible. I was initially concerned that his office was in Charlottesville and that distance might be an issue but he always responded to calls and emails and made frequent visits during the final days of the project. I highly recommend him. He is not only a very skilled and thoughtful architect but he is extremely likable and easy to work with.

I saw a project Jim worked on previously and always kept him in mind. When the opportunity came for us to tackle a huge renovation project, Jim was the first person to come to mind. He is currently working on design plans for our home purchase and his knowledge, skills and expertise are second to none. Jim is very involved with the renovation design and budget. He has helped us identify options to save money in the budget while making sure we maximize our return. I’m looking forward to the finished product.